Music Freedom Day 2016 coverage

Music Freedom Day was held March 3 all over the world.
Here are some highlights.



» Songlines – United Kingdom:
Sharp rise in attacks on musicians worldwide in 2015

» Music in Africa Magazine:
New Version Felas Zombie Unites Artists Africa And Middle East

» Music in Africa Magazine:
Malian documentary to be screened on Music Freedom Day


» NRK Troms – The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norway:
Distriktsprogram Troms · Morgensending Live interview with Freemuse campaign officer Magnus Ag. “Vi skal høre direkte fra forberedelsene til Music Freedom Day i kulturhuset i Harstad…”

» NRK Troms – The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norway:
Aldri før har angrepene på musikere vært større: Musikk er fremtidens våpen


» Harstad Tidende – Norway:
Musikk er fremtidens våpen

» Harstad Tidende – Norway:
Musikk er et kraftig våpen

» – Argentina:
3 de Marzo – Día de la Libertad Musical

» Notes from the Cuban exile Quarter – Cuba:
Music Freedom Day 2016: Cuban music still censored by regime in 2016


Coverage of Music Freedom Day events

» Freemuse: Music Freedom Day in Pakistan: Call for cultural policy


Bulletins, pre-promotion and other

» European Parliament News:
Music Freedom Day: music as a human right

» Amnesty International:
Iran: Tortured filmmaker and musicians face imminent arrest amid crackdown on artists

» Entertainment Rocks:
‘They Will Have to Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile’ opens in U.S. just in time for Music Freedom Day 2016

» – The Netherlands:
Music Freedom Day: Vier de vrijheid van muziek

» National Coalition Against Censorship – USA:
Music Freedom Day in New York

» Musikkultur – Norway:
Helsvart år for kunstneres ytringsfrihet

» SBO Magazine:
‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ Opens In North America In Conjunction With Music Freedom Day 2016

» Meeting Degli Indipendenti – Italy:
Torna il Music Freedom Day Italy a Bologna

» The Frontier Post – Pakistan:
Music Freedom Day on March 3

» Radio Tribal News Network – Pakistan:
Music freedom day observed in Peshawar

» Music For Good – USA:
Music Freedom Day Honors Victims of Paris Attacks & Celebrates Freedom of Speech Through Music

» News Ghana – Ghana:
AfriDocs Celebrates Music Freedom Day On March

» Notes from the Cuban exile Quarter – Cuba:
Musicians unite in defence of artistic freedom

» Screen Africa – South Africa:
AfriDocs presents Celebrate Music Freedom Day

» Pakistan Coalition on Media Safety – Pakistan:
Musicians unite in defence of artistic freedom

» Nordic Black Theatre – Norway:
NBT gratulerer med MUSIC FREEDOM DAY!

» Mejeriet – Sweden:
Music Freedom Day – Musik är en mänsklig rättighet

» Nû – Denmark:
Musikere foren jer og forsvar den kunstneriske frihed

» Pakistan Press Foundation – Pakistan:
Musicians unite in defence of artistic freedom

» NRK TV – Norway:
Distriktsnyheter Nordnytt




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